Sr. Procurement Coordinator for Operator Company


  • Procurement activities for the acquisition of goods and services according to company, corporate and statutory, within subsea and/or topside
  • Document the activities in the applicable contract management system
  • Support the business during the Contract life-cycle
  • Establish high-quality contracts with logical structure, consistent requirements and precise wording (strategy, tendering, award, follow-up/management/execution and close-out activities.
  • Identify key SCM risks and opportunities
  • Manage contracts from a commercial point of view
  • Develop overall and specific procurement strategies
  • Develop and issue Invitation to Tender documents
  • Communicate clearly with tenderers during tendering period
  • Objectively evaluate received proposals from tenderers based on prepared Evaluation Procedure
  • Prepare and hold/chair clarification meetings as required
  • Develop and present recommendations for award
  • Finalize contract documents and award contracts  
  • Align expectations from different stakeholders
  • Ensure energetic teams
  • Build a culture of trust and collaboration between Company and Contractors
  • Provide business unit with necessary support during Contract period.

Technical and personal skills

  • Bachelor degree or Cand Mag (180-240 ECTS) in Commercial
  • 10 – 15 years experience within procurement
  • Professional communication skills (English and preferably Norwegian)