Senior SURF Engineer for Operator Company


  • Have a responsibility to ensure the facilities  integrity of subsea pipeline and surf systems  
  • Be responsible for Company requirements and follow work processes related to facilities integrity of subsea pipeline and SURF systems  
  • Evaluate non-conformance & deviations requests and give recommendation’s with respect to authority and Company requirements and procedures 
  • Fill assigned roles within System owner and / or Facilities Integrity Management System (FIMS) 
  • Contribute to operational support within subsea pipeline and SURF discipline
  • Conduct independent verifications, peer review, assurance review as part of GATE approvals
  • Operative equipment surveillance and failure analysis 
  • Review of technical requirements for contracts awards
  • Support and assistance to Operations during maintenance and inspection campaigns and contribute towards problem solving and debottlenecking. Risk based inspections (RBI programs and maintenance / sparing strategies to obtain and keep forcasted production  
  • Ensure standardisation within subsea pipeline and SURF discipline.
  • Prepare work document packages, related to maintenance and modification activities and follow-up of requirements in specialized field.
  • Review and approve drawings and documents according to governing documents and prevailing rules and regulations
  • Contract representative / administrator

Technical and personal skills

  • Bachelor degree or Cand. Mag (180-240 ECTS) Engineering / Reservoir & Petroleum Engineering
  • 10 years experiemce