Senior Structural Engineer for Operator Company


  • Accountable for maintaining the structural integrity of defined structure types and load conditions, and/or accountable for activities supporting this responsibility in accordance with the assignments defined below.
  • The activities shall secure that the structural integrity is maintained and documented in a cost-effective manner.
  • Responsible for Technical Controlling Documents for engineering discipline
  • Change Survey; develop and implement strategies, programs and detailed plans to monitor and survey changes to structural condition, weight, layout, geometry, etc. that may influence the integrity of major structures (jacket, topsides, bridges, helidecks, flares, crane pedestals, modules) and inventory structures (access ways, bolts, clamps, conductors, caissons, equipment supports, etc.). Secure execution of the programs and register the findings.
  • Change Assessment; assess changes from above process and mitigate as required. This includes required update of as-is assurance analysis portfolio (fatigue, RBI, storm, EXWW, boat impact, earthquake, fire, blast, redundancy, and emergency response analyses) of topsides, jackets and inventory structures.
  • Information Integrity; Maintain and manage relevant as-planned, as-surveyed, as-is, etc. information in Company databases (e.g. SAP, SIMS, SharePoint, s-drive etc.).
  • Ensure Integrity; as-is integrity monitoring, reporting and communication.
  • Development and maintenance of Company procedures and technical requirements (TCDs) within the structural discipline.
  • Responsible for budget input for maintenance and modifications for structural activities.
  • Liaise with the industry to improve understanding and knowhow within the structural discipline.
  • Project “champion” in Modification Projects Appraise phase, and provide support for Select, Optimize and Define phases.
  • Provide support to drilling, plug & abandonment, decommissioning, cessation and other parties as required.

Technical and personal skills

  • Technical University degree (BSc or higher).
  • 5+ years of relevant technical experience
  • Understanding of processes required to meet HSE objectives. Fully conversant with Norway regulatory environment.
  • Understanding of Corporate and Local budget, maintenance and project management processes and tools.
  • Self-driven. Strong personal leadership and drive toward teamwork. Ability to perform effectively within a strong peer group and to drive toward optimal business solutions.
  • Good communicating, influencing, negotiating and networking skills. Builds excellent relationships. Respected internally and externally.
  • Able to drive continuous improvement and to instigate and make change happen.
  • Significant operational and / or engineering experience.
  • Set ambitious, yet realistic goals and targets, and consistently strive to achieve these