Operations Engineer for Operator Company


  • Coordinate and supervise production activities to meet the production targets indicated by his/her superior.
  • Plan and supervise plant operations in accordance with the criteria established with Planning, Processes, and Advanced Control, the production levels, and the optimal operating methods.
  • Coordinate the planning and control of works at the plant with Engineering and Maintenance.
  • Coordinate the planning and execution of works with Engineering and Maintenance during plant downtime
  • Check that the unit operators take the established control measures.
  • Oversee budgetary compliance by properly using technical resources available, analysing deviations.
  • Suggest and implement improvements to optimise resources and activities.
  • Define and collaborate on the training and coaching plan for the personnel he/she is in charge of, which ensures the development of their technical skills.
  • Manage assigned human resources in accordance with the Company’s generally established criteria.
  • Coordinate and operate production wells, ensuring operational continuity and optimal production.  
  • Coordinate and operate injection wells (water, gas, or CO2 injection or other types), ensuring their operational continuity and maximizing fluid injection according to the plans.                            
  • Make S&E preventive observations, informing the reporting line of incidents/accidents and collaborate in investigating and documenting all aspects related to the incident/accident.       
  • Authorize (critical) work permits, verifying conditions on site, identifying new risks and re-evaluating them, and making decisions that guarantee the safety of people and the environment, even when this has an impact on production.         
  • Ensure the continuous injection of chemical products into the hydrocarbon wells, injection wells, and facilities he/she is in charge of. Monitor the production and injection conditions of the wells and report anything unusual to Production Engineering.      
  • Request corrective maintenance of equipment, ensure the quality of the preventive and corrective maintenance carried out. Guarantee the safe delivery of equipment for maintenance (work permits) and abide by the Safety and Environment regulations.     
  • Guarantee the collection, dissemination, transfer, and reuse of lessons learned and best practices in the production processes so that they are continuously improving, and prioritize the goal of a safe, clean, efficient, and cost-effective asset.       
  • Ensure the collection and uploading of data about operations and wells. Comply with the test and sample plan for production and injection wells, and ensure that data relating to production and wells are uploaded into the system.       
  • Prepare, monitor and manage the operating cost budget for production operations within their area of responsibility ensuring that operational activities are planned, contracts are in place and the work activities are controlled.   
  • Responsible for the development and motivation of the people under his or her charge, ensuring their technical training and promoting a climate of collaboration and teamwork that ensures the achievement of the operational objectives in a safe, efficient, and reliable way.                      

Technical and personal skills

  • Relevant higher university degree.
  • Requires relevant experience.
  • English language
  • Local candidates preferred