Operations Planner for Operator Company




  • Maintain an overview of upcoming operations/activities and POB levels.
  • Provide planning support to Offshore Management and Onshore Rig Team
  • Coordinate and updated the 6-week and 3-month project planning in Primavera in close cooperation with the Assistant Production Superintend. Incorporate input from Off- shore Management, Onshore Rig Team and Repsol in the 6-week and 3-month project planning. All activities/visits including 3rd party personnel, extra MDN recourses and rental equipment shall be included in the plan.
  • Coordinate and update the POB plan in order to avoid overbooking. Collect input from all stakeholders (Company, project managers, ) in order to set up POB plan and required bed quotas per organizational unit.
  • Lead planning meetings.
  • Setup and update helicopter plan (including extra flights) in cooperation with the Onshore Rig Administrator and Company. The helicopter plan shall include all MD, Company and 3rdpersonnel travelling to the rig.
  • Support the Onshore Rig Administrator with helicopter seat booking during HUC period and drilling period.
  • Coordinate simulator training for outgoing offshore personnel.
  • Close collaboration with NOC for manning up/down the catering personnel based on planned POB


Technical and personal skills

  • Knowledge in Primavera as planning tool
  • Experience in planning and logistics.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills in English