Drilling Superintendent for Operator Company


  • Direct reporting to Well Construction Manager
  • Manage all operations in such a manner that they safeguard the health, safety and integrity of all personnel, the environment and company assets in compliance with regulatory legislation and company standard.
  • Advise the Drilling Supervisors in the execution of all well related operations. Co-ordinate and plan daily activities related to well operations in accordance with the approved programmes
  • Ensure that all operations are performed in accordance with legislative and company defined policies and procedures in a cost effective and safe manner
  • Achieve company objectives by managing all operations drilling personnel in a professional manner and ensuring proper distribution of instruction and information consistent with company interactive management philosophy and promoting an open reporting culture.
  • Ensure that he/she receives the Handover document of the Senior Drilling Supervisors, to make sure that the information flow is as clear and smooth as possible.
  • Assist and support DOPs preparation
  • Performs quarterly rig visit in order to keep a more direct contact with the offshore crew
  • Ensure that all personnel, materials, equipment and services supplied to carry out operations function within the policies and procedures as laid down by the company
  • Ensure that all offshore personnel satisfy relevant Company and legislative competency requirements
  • Maintain formal contact to contractors and service companies during operations as necessary
  • Conduct the Rig Intake and acceptance process including any relevant rig assurance activities in support of the AfC. Establish rig inspections and surveys as required
  • Together with the Well Construction Manager and VP Drilling accept the selected rig for the planned activity
  • Initiate third party equipment inspections
  • Maintain rig maintenance oversight (through Rig Contractor) and support any technical audit programs
  • Monitor and control expenditure within budgeted limits through proper planning and efficient use of materials, equipment, services and personnel
  • Issue and release call-off’s for required materials and services accordingly to the program
  • Ensure lessons learned and best practice are captured on a continuous basis and codified into the next procedures and standards
  • Validate Field Ticket Services and Job Report
  • Validate DDR and 3rd party Feed Back reports
  • Ensure a proper communication workflow with Well Construction Manager with constant updates

Technical and Personal Skills

  • Bachelor degree or Cand. Mag (180-240 ECTS) i Engineering
  • Required Experience 10-15 year