Completion System Engineer for Operator Company


  • Preparation of Mechanical Completion, Commissioning and Handover instructions
  • Contribute to reduce interfaces between contractors Mechanical Completion group, company completion team and operations personnel by working as one team.
  • Verify and monitor contractors’ mechanical completion routines and activities with the suppliers.
  • Set-up of company verification routines of contractor construction and mechanical completion work at the fabrication yard and offshore site.
  • Assist Commissioning team setting up documentation system for commissioning procedures and working files.
  • Assist commissioning team setting up a detailed commissioning network schedule.
  • Assist commissioning team in developing of detailed commissioning work orders if relevant.
  • Establish handover routines from construction MC complete to commissioning team in close co-operation with contractor.
  • Attend and advice in company audits regarding completion activities as per QA management and verification plan.
  • Verify contractors procedures / work instructions regarding quality control and mechanical completion.
  • In close liaison with contractor, prepare MC, Commissioning and Handover documentation structure as per company requirements.
  • Agree and issue in close liaison with project operation representative a Handover to Operations Agreement document.
  • Prepare and administer a Completion progress report system for controlling progress of work and grade of completeness. Implement corrective actions if discrepancies found in e.g., network schedule(s), project completion system (PCS), working routines, etc.
  • Verification of contractor’s network plan with focus on construction activities having correct priorities, links and dependencies to meet commissioning and start-up dates.
  • Monitor Contractors MC work through all project phases.
  • Support miscellaneous activities in the Completion Team.
  • In close liaison with the project Operation Representative set up of a good Handover system.
  • Participation in lessons learnt and input to the project close out report.

Technical and Personal Skills

  • BSc within engineering and Construction. Less formal education may be compensated with documented relevant experience
  • Minimum 10 years relevant project experience (onshore and offshore)
  • Understanding of operational and maintenance requirements regarding platform design
  • Experience from the Norwegian Continental Shelf